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InDev 32 Road Map - The Improvements Update
No replies to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, Oct 03 2018 08:25 AM

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Posted 03 October 2018 - 08:25 AM

InDev 32's development has begun! Every so often, I plan one of these polishing and improvement updates. The main focus of this update isn't to add any new core mechanics, but to improve on the existing foundation.

Unlike regular updates, these improvement updates do not have extensive detailed road maps. Most of the updates are miscellaneous changes that just make things "better", and a lot of it comes from your feedback. So, be sure to post down in the comments with your minor gripes and nitpicks about, well, anything!

The following road map is not a complete list in any way, this is just the "Big stuff" I'll be working on in addition to a ton of optimizations and small improvements, as well as what you suggest down in the comments that I can find time to work in.

InDev 32 Road Map

Miscellaneous Changes
  • All terrain, roads and walls will get more transition tiles, fixing a ton of minor visual issues, like 1x? length water tiles just being a series of dots, or large areas of roads having a weird "grid pattern".
  • A new road UI will be added, that allows the player to much more easily place roads.
  • The foundation of the code required to add bridges, as well as build future walls and some buildings on the water.
  • Time permitting, walls and gates that can be built on the water.
  • Completely redesigned rendering engine for the map and shadows, reducing GPU load.
  • New shadow system that has a 2-depth system, allowing for more refined and detailed shadows.
  • Tons of minor GUI improvements.

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