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List of Suggestions
2 replies to this topic - Started By LexplaysRtR, Sep 03 2018 06:00 AM

#1 LexplaysRtR

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Posted 03 September 2018 - 06:00 AM



Here is a list of suggestions that came to my mind while playing / waiting for my settlement to be overrun.



The price for Loot Boxes seems fair.


Easier ways of increasing production. Clicking 100 times on "+" to get your maintain to 100 is painful. Thankfully i got a autoclicker macro on my extra mouse button.

Speaking of autoclicker. I also use the autoclicker to "Conjure Material/Essence" dozens of times, which would be equally painful clicking manually. Maybe holding the mouse button to cast it multiple times or an alternative to cast a spell multiple times would be great.

Edit: Also the goal "Grab 110 items" was finished using an autoclicker


A minor way to influence corruption spread would be great. I'm thinking of a one-tile-eraser (maybe an expensive spell, that could be unlocked with an expensive temple building) or maybe a job for a villager who shovels away the "corruption" (similar in Settler IV). That's so you can maybe delete a tile to build a building which would otherwise be blocked or if you really need to erase a tile for your strategic plans etc.

Or maybe it only swaps the corrupted tile to a different place.


I also thought of a way of spell casting in corrupted land, so that some of those spells are actually useful (like bombing the corrupted buildings with earthquakes or meteors or something). Maybe link that to the above mentioned expensive temple building.

I was thinking maybe you could unlock a button (left of the skillbar is the "grab", so to the right could be the spell toggle button) where you enable corruption casting but every spell costs twice as much or something.


Steam achievements would be cool, but i think they're planned already.


Villagers that witness a miracle (like "Motivate Land", Trees are growing out of the earth) could be getting a happiness boost instead of being confused/panicking. Not every spell obviously, but maybe some of them.


Collecting essence out of radiance pools or collectors can take up an annoyingly large amount of time after a certain amount of playtime, so i was thinking of either a spell that dumps large amounts of essence out of every container in range or you get another toggle button that controls whether your mouse cursor sucks in essence or not and in addition there could be a minor-perk that increases your essence draw speed. (5%,10%,15% etc)

The spell could be expensive, or you could make it cheap, but then it would also dissolve people lol


A random bug that i encountered just came to my mind. Charming a slime 5 times, made 5 loyal copies of that slime, but the original remained unaffected. Didn't encounter it twice.


The fire elementals are strong and that's fine with me, but having a way to force them into water would be great, they're dismantling the walls next to the water instead, so i miss that interaction.

Also fire elementals melting ice in the winter would be cool.



Maybe it would be useful to add an "Automigration" feature for when your city is set up and any new people will be sent away to other villages.
You'd check boxes on which surrounding site you want to migrate to, then enter what the max amount of migrants is you want to sent . And every morning it cycles through the checked sites and sends an equal amount of migrants to each site based on your jobless adults.
An addition to that would be to subtract one migrant for every elder the village got on that day, so that keeping your workforce gets a higher priority over the migration.
Upgrading an established elemental bolt tower displays the options "Fire, Lightning, Ice" wheras upgrading an established stone golem comboobylater prompts you with "Lightning, Ice Fire".
I need some consistency my man, i nearly clicked Lightning for the bolt tower out of habit when i upgraded like 10 ice golems
How about a Defensive > Misc. > (magic) Shield Tower "Uses Essence to protect nearby buildings from damage. Can't protect itself". I was thinking of the Gungang Shield machine from star wars. It might be overpowered, but maybe it can find a place in the game. Allthough it can't be too flashy, or it wouldn't fit the scenery
How about spike walls or a spike tower that have high(er) hitpoints and damage the enemy on hit. The walls would be a pain to rebuild though.
Maybe the tower could be supplied with wood (or boards for a really expensive tower) and as long it has enough wood in storage the enemies get damaged and the tower only loses it's reserves. As soon as the wood runs out, the enemies don't take more damage and the tower loses hp. Has to be quite cost efficient though so you don't lose all your wood, and it has to be somewhat able to survive larger waves of enemies.
Making 4 farms in a square upgradable to a field, or 4 high quality housing to a mansion could be cool. The high occupancy one could be a refugee camp then lol
When a building is at "0% complete" there doesn't need to be a "Are you sure you want to destroy this building"-message. If you care details
Edit 2:
When going back to the Map/Island screen you can't really follow the analysis of points you're getting. It starts quickly and just rushes through the list without being transparent what gets you how many points. While at the same time not being synchronised with the point-bar, so that you already got the points when the breakdown isn't even halfway finished
"Corrupted ice Phantom Tower" etc definitely should be a green message or something friendly. Everytime my ballista towers destroy corrupted stuff i panic because i think something of my own buildings got destroyed
A way to see the current progress on your goals in-game would be incredible useful, so you wouldn't have to "save&exit" everytime you want to check :)
Maybe add another overlay/option for Data Views called "Popular Paths" or something that shows which paths are most used by villagers.
I put full upgraded routes in the most popular paths but it would be great to know which path would be the best to upgrade next to get a priority going and to efficiently distribute resources.
An option to harvest rock/tree/carrots and after that destroy the terrain
Suspicious Keys are everywhere but the key shack. They're even stored in defense buildings and houses.
After establishing a new village with 10 migrants, the additional migrants and courier golems spawned at the same time at the same location as the corruption, isolating all golems and also trapping people. After waiting for a recall spell the survivors could be teleported back to safety.

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#2 JohnnyMitchell

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Posted 05 September 2018 - 11:43 AM

This is awesome!!!! I definitely agree with the auto clicker you mentioned. I know right clicking brings amounts up or down by 10. But still having to press so many times is a HUGE killer on my mouse. Would love to be able to just hold down the button OR type a specific amount. 

I like your adea about the mansions too. Great post! 

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#3 LexplaysRtR

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Posted 06 September 2018 - 05:13 AM

I'm happy that some suggestions appealed to you :D 


I try to write up everything that comes to mind, maybe something makes it into the game in some form :)

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