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Several things I've thought of while playing this game
No replies to this topic - Started By molnet, Jul 19 2018 10:49 AM

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Posted 19 July 2018 - 10:49 AM

I've played this game for a bit more than 45 hours, and have found a few things that would make life easier or more interesting in this game.


Some sort of defensive shield tower or spell that uses essence to protect the towers around it. Maybe just intercepting ranged spells, or maybe an aoe shield like in creeper world 3.


It would be great to have an easier way to pause buildings being built or upgraded (like walls close to the "frontier" since my workers tend to run there if i am still building stuff out there during night)

maybe make it possible to upgrade walls, maybe into large fire pit function or from wood to stone to curtain??

firefighting capabilities, to put out fires from fire elementals (if this doesnt already exist, I still have a lot to figure out)

greater variety of tools (tiers etc), maybe dependant on upgrade level of the toolsmithy

a QOL upgrade, to upgrade buildings with a one click (like the Dismantle Buildings and Objects button in the bottom right)

possible religion? (church, altar of prayer or something, and if citizens are happy and content, they go and pray and give more influence, and they are not as easily scared or confused by the "godly powers")

maybe.. higher population should give more resistance to corruption or increased range or something?

can ghosts from the same "playthrough" show up in different areas? (like, first village tons of ppl die, you lose the area to corruption. You start a new village, and there is a change that some of the dead from first village show up there as ghosts?)

maybe the maintenance crew can plan a bit more, currently they run out of my maze, repair 1 lightning damaged wall, and then back inside the maze again.... takes ages to repair anything xD

prio targetting on towers, maybe possible to set different towers to focus on fire elementals, or spectrals or slimes or zombies...

maybe you can also make a "mage" barracks, or just that you can upgrade barracks into different late game tiers, one of which could be mage, or archer or melee and an appropriate bonus to that profession?

also, maybe it would be easier to arrange priorities into groups, instead of each building having an individual prio? (like, prio 1-9)


I also find that once I've lost one area, there is no real reason to continue on the same "world map" since there is no progression outside of the map? I have read that you are working on a techtree of some kind, which is great =) Will it work like you get "exp" while playing, and out on the "world map" you can select a tech tree that helps your next area?

That last one was just a thought, but yea, I'll keep on writing down suggestions if I think of something else =)


ps sorry if these suggestions have already been made, since I havn't read through all the previous posts.

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