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InDev 31 Road Map - The World Update
1 reply to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, May 30 2018 09:13 PM

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Posted 30 May 2018 - 09:13 PM

InDev 31 development has begun! (Actually, it started about 2 weeks ago, but who's counting?). InDev 31 is going to be a major step to reaching Rise to Ruins Release 1, hopefully sometime this year.

The overall goal of InDev 31 will be introducing a new way to move resources and villagers around the world map, as well as giving the world map some purpose. The world map will now have goals the player needs to meet. The more goals that are met, the more global bonuses the player will receive for all the villages under his control. The idea is to encourage the player to spread out and eventually take over the entire map as part of an overall endgame/metagame that will be played alone-side the core gameplay in each region.

I'm really excited for this update, as I feel the mechanics being added are the last major content vacuum in the game before Release 1 is possible. Will the game be considered finish? No, of course not. There's still a ton of fish to fry before Release 1. But no worries, even after Release 1 development is not ending when the game leaves Early Access. :)

InDev 31 Road Map

World Map Goals and Mechanics Changes
  • Goals will be added to the world map for the player to accomplish. The goals will be all sorts of different things. Like "Maintain 3 villages with a population over 50", "Control an entire biome on the map", or "Have at least one village survive to day 80".
  • For every goal you achieve, you will unlock a perk. These perks can be anything from +5% harvesting, increased birth rates, increased hit points, carry capacity, unlocking new buildings/upgrades, unlocking new spells, etc.
  • Every goal achieved will lower the global corruption threat, allowing older villages to survive much longer than before.
  • You have to maintain the goals, if a goal is lost you will lose the perk you gained and the corruption will become stronger.
  • You will now only be able to visit your first region for free (Getting free villagers/resources when you place your camp). After, you will spread out from the region selected outwards using the villagers from your initial camp, and won't be allowed to visit those regions until enough villagers have been sent there to establish a new village. (See below)
Migration and Trade Systems
  • A new exploration building will be added, that will allow you to send villagers out into nearby connected regions. The more upgraded the building, the more you will be able to send each day.
  • Villagers sent to nearby regions will be in a sort of "stasis" until the player decides to visit the region they were sent to. Once they visit that region, the villagers sent will pop up as soon as it is safe. (Dawn through Midday).
  • You will be able to send villagers to a region regardless if it is or isn't occupied, allowing you to share villagers between established villagers, or start new ones.
  • A new trade outpost building will also be added, this building will open up delivering resources to other villages by way of the Catjeet (Or possibly, a new mob type, time permitting). The Catjeet will act as "delivery men" and take resources from your village to the assigned region for a small fee.
  • Same as the villagers mentioned above, Catjeet that leave the region will arrive at the delivery region next time you visit.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Limbo will be completely removed from the game, replaced with the migration system mentioned above.
  • Skirmish Mode's initial villager spawn in will now work like the World Map does, giving you villagers only after you place the camp, and spawning them directly on the camp with some free resources.
  • Time permitting, an "abandon the region" mechanic will also be added, instantly sending the entire village out in all directions to any connecting region. How this will work is still to be determined.
Revamped Display Settings
  • Borderless full screen will be added, currently works on all tested Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 machines. Linux and Mac work as well, but the task bar is still being displayed. Sadly, this may be an unavoidable issue. But I will try to work it out.
  • Fixed resolutions will be added, so you can change the full screen resolution of the game to anything you want, rather than your set desktop resolution.
  • The original full screen mode will still exist and can be toggled in the settings menu, for players who prefer non-borderless modes.
  • The game will now use a hardware cursor!

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Posted 31 May 2018 - 03:27 PM

Really liking the sound of it all. Some kind of meaningful long-term / end-game goal was something I've been wanting from RtR, and these changes sound ike a huuuuge step in the right direction. Though of course I still hope you won't stop there and add some kind of story / lore / adventure elements sometime in the future. ;)


One thing that worries me is how easily you can screw yourself over and be forced to reset the entire world. I'd like to see an ability to at least manually save your game to separate slots, but if you can come up with something more interesting - even better. :)

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