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Build InDev 30 Unstable 5 Released
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Posted 18 April 2018 - 01:13 PM

Click here for help on accessing the Unstable branch!

InDev 30 Unstable 5 has been released, this patch is a feature complete build of what will practically be InDev 30 stable, due out on April 22nd. This patch is fairly small, mostly tying up loose ends and fixing last minute bugs, as well as throwing in additional balance tweaks and adjustments. This patch is also still compatible with both Unstable 4 and 4b saves!

You can report bugs over at the official website's Support and Bugs Forum, or on the Steam Discussion Board. :)

InDev 30 Unstable 5 Change Log

Corruption System
  • Increased the range of all corruption towers.
  • Increased the amount and rate of monsters that spawn from the graveyards when attacked.
  • Monsters that are spawned from attacking graveyards will now auto-attack the attacker.
  • Monsters will no longer spawn from graveyards when damaged by any other means that are not from towers or mobs. (eg; Disasters)
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Reworked how the interface autoscaling works to get slightly better results.
  • Added elderly lists to the population panel.
  • Updated many of the tips.
  • Pregnant villagers now use clinics to give birth, removing the chance of death and losing lifetime expectancy.
  • Average age and life expectancy added to population list GUI.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an endless loop bug because of range generation errors on low-desirability buildings.
  • Fixed day length setting in custom mode.
  • Fixed radiance pool essence coming from the wrong tile.
  • Fixed radiance pool firing the "Energy" tip.
InDev 30 Unstable 4b *HOT FIX* Change Log

Aging System
  • Villagers all have been given an additional 10 years of life.
  • Doggos have been given an additional 5 years of life.
  • Rebalanced/Nerfed the rate constitution drops.
  • Halved the chance villagers can die from child birth.
  • Now mothers have a 50% chance of losing 1 day of life expectancy during child birth, rather than a guaranteed chance of losing 1 or 2.
Big Fixes
  • Fixed world map edge scrolling settings.
  • Fixed a minor range generation issue that could result in some AI getting stuck in an endless loop trying to deliver something.
InDev 30 Unstable 4 Change Log

Aging System
  • Human villagers can now live up to a maximum 30 days, catjeet 25, and doggos 15.
  • Villagers can now become wise elders late in their life, for humans this is age 25 and catjeet 20. Doggos never become wise, and will remain young hearted goofballs until they die.
  • Elder villagers can chat with lower level villagers, offering them a massive XP bonus so they can level up faster.
  • A new Life Expectancy statistic has been added, and as you'd expect, how long your villager should live.
  • A new Lifetime Constitution stat has also been added, that starts at maximum, and anytime your villager's well being is poor either from thirst, hunger, unhappiness, healing from injuries, taking damage, poisoned and a million other factors, their lifetime constitution will go down permanently. When this happens, it can lower their Life Expectancy.
  • You can never recover constitution or life expectancy, so take care of your villagers!
  • Villagers can die before they become elders if they live an extremely hard life, and their life expectancy drops below the minimum age to become an elder.
  • Rarely, when nomads spawn some of them can arrive already as elders.
  • Mothers can now die giving childbirth if their lifelong constitution is low.
  • There is a small chance the child can die during child birth.
  • Mothers now take 25% of their total current hit points in damage during child birth.
  • Giving birth instantly lowers the mother's life expectancy by 1 or 2 days.
Corruption System
  • Added a new "corruption resistance" range for the village, that works differently than normal range and ignores all blocked tiles. Some buildings do not provide this range at all, like fire pits, making them useless to push back the corruption.
  • You can see your village's corruption resistance using the data views panel.
  • Global monster spawn rates have been reduced by about 33%.
  • Corruption no longer creates new spots on the map.
  • When monsters despawn, they drop all their equipped items on the ground so the next spawn cycle of monsters can pick them back up.
  • Skeletons now do not start spawning until day 5.
  • Specters now do not start spawning until day 12.
  • Fire Elementals now do not start spawning until day 16.
  • Small slimes now no longer spawn until day 2.
  • Regular slimes now no longer spawn until day 4.
  • Zombies now no longer spawn until day 3.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Patreon credits/names data updated.
  • Medics have been completely rewritten, they now "post" themselves at clinics, barracks and outposts and wait for injured and sick villagers to arrive.
  • Rebalanced the length of nighttime in both Summer and Winter. Summer nights are now longer, and Winter nights are now shorter.
  • The mob level hard cap has been raised to 200.
  • There are now a small amount of particles that generate when a mob gains XP.
  • When a mob gains a level, there is no longer a message in the console, and the sound is localized to where they leveled instead of being global.
  • There are now some particle effects when a mob levels.
  • Raised the doggo spawn rates back to what they were in Unstable 2.
  • Rearranged the farming AI to make it a much higher priority to do farm harvesting and tending tasks.
  • Slightly increased farm growth rate.
  • All villagers, catjeet and doggos stats have been halved. (Roughly back to what they are in InDev 29f)
  • Carry max now goes up by one per every 50 STR rather than 100.
  • The base village range of all towers provide has been increased by about 50%. (Note: This is not firing range)
  • Removed the single-threaded settings from the game, as they caused more trouble than they helped in almost all scenarios.
  • Reduced the speed health is regenerated when in a house.
  • Tripled the duration of poison, blight and dysentery, but also reduced damage taken by them by two thirds, resulting in the same amount of damage over a much longer period of time.
Optimizing and Big Fixes
  • Reworked all the code related to coloring mob sprites in game, cleaning up a lot of minor issues with recoloring mobs.
  • Permanent corruption increase per day settings are now properly saved in custom mode.
  • Fixed a bug that can cause the game to enter an endless loop if a monster despawns while being attacked.
  • Fixed the statistics panel from rendering incorrectly with interface scale settings other than 1.
InDev 30 Unstable 3 Change Log

Corruption System
  • Decreased traditional mode spawn and corruption spread rates.
  • Increased spawn rate of monsters in survival and nightmare mode.
  • The amount per spawn multiplier has been decreased, coupled with the above change, this should show a more steady and consistent increase in spawn rates.
  • Increased the amount of "starting spread" corruption has, making the initial starting corruption spot a bit bigger.
  • Monsters now spawn when graveyards are damaged, except from hail.
  • Corrupted fire pits are now built less often, causing other corruption buildings to be built more often.
  • Made some minor tweaks to how corruption picks a start spot, encouraging them to spawn farther away from the village that previously.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Now you can interact with the speed controls, settings, save and exit or look at stats while paused.
  • Charm spell cost has been halved, and the failure chance removed.
  • Reworked some AI branching that made some AI branches not fire as often as they should, like water bottle refining.
  • Changed priority of water buckets in fountains and house from very high to high, to encourage more water buckets to make it to the bottlers.
Optimizing and Big Fixes
  • Fixed blood moons from not triggering blood rain/slimes.
  • Compressed all sound effects a bit, increasing load times and shrinking the game's initial install size.
  • An eclipse can no longer happen the same day as a full moon.
  • Fixed some tips not correctly popping up at the right time.
  • Tons of code cleanup to the input code for the game.
  • Fixed a crash if a monster tried to despawn but was trapped in a 1x1 open area.
  • Fixed a bunch of AI flow issues.
  • Fixed a bug when a mob died carrying a resource the resource on the ground would be ignored by all other workers until the game was reloaded.
  • Halved the doggo spawn rates.
InDev 30 Unstable 2 Change Log

Corruption System
  • Now, the game will randomly corrupt your save files. The chance this happens increases the longer you survive, in an attempt to increase end game difficulty.
Better Corruption System
  • Due to overwhelming negative feedback, the game no longer will randomly corrupt your save files the longer you survive in an attempt to increase difficulty.
  • The entire spawn system has been completely replaced with the new corruption system. Now, a corrupted area will spawn on the map once you place your camp, slowly consuming the world around you.
  • A new mob has been added, the "Drone". Drones are mostly harmless, but will build corrupted buildings and maintain roads inside the corruption.
  • Monsters no longer spawn or attack during the day time. They now start attacking at dusk, ramp up at night, and return back to the corruption during the day.
  • A large majority of the monsters inside the corruption will despawn during the day. (Note: Boosted monsters never despawn.)
  • Monster spawn rates are now tied to how many days you have survived, the size of the corruption, and how many buildings are in the corruption.
  • Several new corrupted buildings have been added, including hostile towers inside the corruption that will fire on villagers and golems.
  • You can not cast spells inside the corruption.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Doubled the length of a day.
  • All of the delivery and construction harvest AI branches have been reworked and rearranged to better manage resources and make sure buildings get completed in the correct priority order if the resources are available to do so.
  • Increased the rate light levels transition.
  • Monsters no longer wander to radiance pools.
  • You can now advance the passage of time in sandbox mode if you enable debug mode.
  • You can now set the clock to 16x speed if you enable debug mode.
  • Survival Island map tweaked slightly.
  • Nerfed food values slightly.
  • Lowered the priority of dirty water in the farm to high, so the water purifier gets more dirty water.
  • Removed map "Bottleneck" from the Official Maps list.
  • Increased the range provided by the forge.
  • Nomad settings can now be customized in the custom game mode menu.
  • There is now a 1 in 50 chance that a fire elemental will spawn when a meteor hits.
  • Radiance pools now slowly generate energy the player can steal with their hand.
  • Radiance pools no longer use cut stone, but require more rock and crystal.
  • Increased Cold Aura spell cost.
Interface Changes
  • You can now access the reset AI function by holding down left shift on the selected region panel in world map view, and the load game menu in skirmish.
  • Fixed copyright date on main menu.
  • World overlay GUI elements no longer display behind the GUI panels.
  • Tips popping up now cancel the current task, to prevent accidental clicking.
  • Pausing the game hides the entire GUI now.
  • Keys are no longer listed as "Rare wood drops" in the resource production panel.
  • Tips no longer pop up associated with monster's buildings.
  • Players now get subtle warnings the time of day period before a full moon, eclipse or blood moon.
  • Fixed a typo in the debug screen, that was showing the topography layers flipped.
Lootbox Changes
  • You can no longer find keys harvesting resources.
  • The chance you can find a loot box harvesting resources has been increased.
  • Finding keys when trying to uncover lootboxes is now slightly more common.
  • Lootbox settings can now be customized in the custom game mode menu.
Optimizing and Big Fixes
  • Heavily optimized the provisioner price update and stock increase code. This should completely eliminate the "New day" lag some players have been having.
  • Fixed some issues with sell resource and deliver resource AI branches not switching to the correct AI branches when failing.
  • Fixed a rare crash when a mob is harvesting a resource and it the tile decays before he completes his work.
  • Fixed crash when casting mend on walls that were completely blocked on all sides.
  • Fixed a minor bug that would make laborers leave the marketplace too quickly sometimes.
  • Fixed a crash when the delivery or selling AI would fail and try to repeat itself, sometimes returning incorrect values for the new assignment.
  • Fixed a minor shadow generation glitch on the construction phase of the rain catcher.
  • Fixed a few minor errors in the water artwork.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not hide the camp placement panel in sandbox.
InDev 30 Unstable 1 Change Log

  • All villagers can now hold between 3 and 8 resources at a time based on their strength. They will gain 1 additional resource per 100 strength, and always be able to carry a minimum of at least 3. This applies to labor golems as well.
  • Harvesting AI has been modified to sometimes drop a resource on the ground. The chance they'll take resources home increases the more resources are in the area.
Sweeping Balance Changes
  • Increased the stats of all friendly mobs and villagers by about 80%
  • Reduced the amount of nomads that spawn, as well as their chance to spawn.
  • Starting villagers in a new region on the world map have been reduced to 12.
  • Starting resources in a new region on the world map have increased to 32.
  • Starting villagers in skirmish mode reduced to 10-14.
  • The amount of starting villagers in Limbo have been reduced to 19-29 in survival and nightmare.
  • The monster spawn rates in survival, nightmare and traditional have been reduced.
  • Doggo spawn rates have been halved.
  • Farms now grow food 4 times slower.
  • Wild food now grows and spreads 2 times slower.
  • All food items now provide more overall food.
  • Almost all job slots provided by all work buildings has been cut in half.
  • Occupancy maximum for housing has been cut in half.
  • You now gain twice as much maximum influence per villager.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Added all new Patreons' rewards to the game.
  • Changed how essence is generated from objects, making the output more varied in appearance.
  • When the game needs to find an open space to force drop a resource, the location is a bit more randomized now.
Interface Changes
  • A new statistics panel has been added to the game, showing tons of daily statistics about your village.
  • All GUI code has been completely gutted and reorganized, most of the changes will be transparent to the player. But pretty much everything under the hood was redone.
  • Updated the mouse lock icon.
  • When selecting a terrain while making a new map, you no longer unselect the map size.
  • Fixed mining facility upgrade descriptions.
  • Spells on the spell bar will no longer stay highlighted even if no spell is selected.
  • Fixed a minor typo in the catjeet laboror's tasking AI.
  • Right clicking to add/remove workers now adds and removes plus or minus 5, rather than 10.
  • Lowered the "low villager count" warning in the problem panel from 10 to 5 villagers.
  • Changed the description of the crystillery so it fits in the description box.
Optimizing and Big Fixes
  • Removed even more erroneous names from the name list.
  • Wrote in a system to remove erroneous names during runtime, preventing them from causing problems.
  • Catjeet nomad children are now in the correct mob group.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow workers to "overfill" the farm while it is being upgraded.

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