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Feedback InDev30
2 replies to this topic - Started By Bolgfred, Apr 16 2018 02:36 AM

#1 Bolgfred

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 02:36 AM

I have tried several maps in unstable 3 and 4 in nightmare and played until day 25-40.


According to these heres my feedback to the points I did notice in a good or bad way:


1. Aging

I like it alot. All this diing makes my village feel much more 'living'. Anyway, it is a little too much 'living' sometimes. Starting from day 1 the reaper begins to take my people. My plays were pre-4b, where lifetime got increased, which had been exactly what I would have been thinking about. Everything is good.


2. Retirement

Actually I didn't even notice any granpa or ma at any time. I wasn't especially looking for them, so I might just overseen them or I rarely have any, I don't know. The point is the same: Where are my pensioners? 

Ideas to make them more conspicuous:


  • Show retirees in UI, similar to children, as a population number
  • Create an announcement one day before a villager will retire
  • Create a warning if a retiree has no successor, e.g. "3 villagers who retire soon have no successor
  • Split life expecation bar into lifespan and retire eta
  • Give retirees another visual, like a cane, a beard and a ducked walking
  • New building: Nursing Home -  Here will retirees get food, drinks and health care, making retirees rally at a single point in the villager and increase their lifetime if nursed well


2. Recruiting

I didn't count them by numbers, but the last game I counted my birth/death toll over the game. At Day 30 I had 28 deaths(26 age, 2 overheating), 8 child birth, 19 immigrants and 14 catjeets, leadig into 35 villagers.

As I really wished to increase population I gave all villagers 2 days free in a row, which lead into 1 pregnancy and 3 mating at the first, and 2 pregnancy and 1 mating at the second day, which wasn't very impressing for having lost 2 days with no work done.



At the current state it doesn't feel doable to keep population by reproduction alone. The only way to fight age-death is immigration, which is very passive and uncontrollable.

As I did use it for the first time in bigger numbers, I noticed that I don't like the tool to buy catjeet directly.

Would love, if you can donate money to a caravan, which increases the chance on immigrants, after caravan is gone, depending on value.


Anyway I do not want mating/breeding to be more effective, I'd wish spare time to be more effective. Maybe  chatting villager join each others in larger groups, so the longer they idle the bigger the crowd, the higher the chatting efficency because less walking.


3. Corruption

This one turns to be very annoying now. My major focus on the game turned into rushing my village toward the corruction, building a defense perimeter right in front of it and wall the area to prevent growth. It still feels like it's more annoying, if you dont control it, instead of being dangerous. Especially as the corrupt resistance seems not to work? I had a clinic build next to the corruption, and in 3 days, it didn't move a bit backwards, so I still make sure, to close my mini-mordor in behind a wood wall and a ballista turret, every 10-20 tiles to stop the spreading and force enemy forces into my maze.

It would be great if corruption builds much, much more tall instead of wide, giving buildings more upgrade levels and intern processing, instead of constant spreading without a thread.



Maybe corruption could be switched into corrupted land and tained land, having the corrupted being the core lands, offer space for buildings and drone work. They spread very very slow and cannot be removed.

Now every building spreads tained land, as building range itself. These ranges are added with each other, so a cluster of buildings gives a larger range. Corruption can only spread in areas that are tainted.

Tained land doesn't change the tiles, but works more like an overlay, damaging the area, similar to blight

Villagers, Buildings, Trees and food takes damage slowly while covered in tainted land. Water turns poisoned goo.

Whenever a monster is killed in tainted land, taint level gets reduced depending on monster type/level. When a villager or golem walks in tainted land there is a high chance to spawn a random monster nearby which attacks him/her/it, reducing taint level after it dies.


By this there would be a "hard" and a "soft" corruption. The hard one, is the dangerous part, you don't wanna mess with. The soft one is a widespread aggressive part, which you will feel at any time at any place.

I know, this is not going to happen, as it a huge change, but as I did call it bad, I wanted to make a counter proposal instead.


4. Nightly attack

Pretty balanced right now.  Could even be a little more/stronger  special ones. By now I don't see them coming further in my maze than the others. So better defense stats on higher levels could be fun.



Allow temporary corruption spawn at dusk, wich makes a small patch of corruption for a night, which will spawn 5-60% of tonights  invasion, to make some surprise attacks.

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#2 supermash

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Posted 17 April 2018 - 09:31 AM

agreed with most of the suggestion. but corruption resistance work, it's supposed to avoid the corruption push you back your village not make land uncorrupted again. so it works fine with the actual system. 

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#3 roCKET

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Posted 22 April 2018 - 07:27 PM

9 days in my game was pretty boring. The corruption is barely moving in the bottom corner. I have had a couple of skeletons and a few zombies. But I have built a lot of my base up. But somethings not right haveing only had a handful of monsters. No one dies had a few births.


Blight and meteor strikes are the most danger with being almost constant im plucking turnips and potatoes from the map and sending them to base cause the blight never ends. My farms are idle.

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