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InDev 29c - The Spells and Rebalance Update - Released!
2 replies to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, Jan 31 2018 03:28 PM

#1 Rayvolution

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Posted 31 January 2018 - 03:28 PM

Barring no last minute issues, the final minor patch for InDev 29, 29c is complete! Unlike most minor patches this patch will break your save data! If you'd like to finish out your saves before moving to 29c, you can opt into the "Previous Stable" branch in steam. :)

This patch is a huge mishmash of new content, introducing 10 new spells, quadrupling the monster level caps, extended end game difficulty, and improving a bunch of the GUI as well as a bazillion other small things. Be sure to read over the change log! This isn't a normal sized minor patch, so there's a ton of new content to check out.

Many of the hot keys have changed! Be sure to check the settings page and re-familiarize yourself!

InDev 29d *HOTFIX* Change Log

Bug Fixes
  • Game no longer crashes when trying to upgrade the outpost to established.
  • Fixed a few GUI overlap errors on the new upgrade panels.
  • Influence cost for the lightning bolt spell is now consumed as soon as the spell is cast, not when the lightning bolt hits.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Blood Moon has been nerfed somewhat, as the new spawning changes have made them nearly impossible in certain situations.
InDev 29c Change Log

New Spells, Influence and Spell Bar Changes
  • The spell bar has been completely redesigned, you now have 5 slots on the bar, and can change out the default spells.
  • All spell icons have been redesigned.
  • The maximum influence you can have is now based on your total population. For every villager you have, the bar gets slightly larger.
  • The absolute maximum influence you can have (A full bar) per village has been increased from 2,000 to 5,000.
  • New Spell: Charm - Charms a monster into attacking their friends instead, but they may not always cooperate, and could even work against you or not be very helpful. Has a high chance of failure!
  • New Spell: Cold Aura - Makes the area extremely cold, cooling, slowing down and sometimes freezing nearby creatures.
  • New Spell: Conjure Essence - Conjure essence out of thin air! Careful it doesn't get sucked back into your hand.
  • New Spell: Conjure Material - Brings forth a raw building material, sometimes similar to the topography surrounding it.
  • New Spell: Illuminate - Creates a long lasting, large light source on the map.
  • New Spell: Lightning Bolt - Zap them from the heavens! Doesn't work well around lightning rods.
  • New Spell: Magic Bolts - Zap monsters with some energy balls.
  • New Spell: Mend - Steadily repairs golems and buildings in a small area for a short period of time.
  • New Spell: Regenerate - Heals a single living creature over a short period of time. Does not work on golems, but does work on monsters! Be careful what you cast this on.
  • New Spell: Summon Labor Golem - Summons a mindless golem that will do manual labor in your village until it dies.
  • Healing aura now has a larger area of effect and damages zombies, headless and skeletons.
Hot Key, Control and Interface Changes
  • New axis lock mode added, when holding down left shift, you can drag-and-draw all kinds of things in a locked straight line along one axis. This new axis lock makes drawing walls and roads much easier. (For those familiar, it mimics Photoshop's axis lock tool when using the pencil or brush).
  • You can now click-and-hold to "paint" building placements.
  • New and improved upgrade panels have been added. When upgrading a building it will now list all of the upgrades/improvements you will receive.
  • Almost all building descriptions updated.
  • Speed up controls default keys moved to F5 and F6.
  • Harvest default keys moved from 1 through 4 to 6 through 9.
  • Spell bar hotkeys have been assigned to 1 through 5.
  • All new hot keys added over the last few patches can now be changed in the settings menu.
Big Fixes and Optimizations
  • Fixed some possible crashes when finding resource drop locations out of bounds of the map.
  • Spells can no longer be cast outside the bounds of the map.
  • Catjeet children are now counted in the children totals.
  • Fixed a bug where food was not being correctly calculated into final nomad spawn rates.
  • Catjeet now properly spawn catjeet zombies when resurrected by blight.
  • Catjeet spawn the correct ghosts when they die.
  • Catjeet children now properly grow into catjeet adults instead of human adults.
  • Slightly optimized the spawning code for monsters.
  • Fixed mob overlays when selecting buildings, it's using the currently selected mob's color rather than the building's mob's color.
  • Recombobulators no longer try to fire over curtain walls and topography.
  • Temporary fixed for the monster building attack code that was crashing the game has been implemented.
  • Holy Golems no longer visit recomoboulators to heal, but still use them as patrol routes.
Nomad Changes
  • Overpopulation now has a much larger negative impact on nomad rates.
  • Total population in general now has a negative effect on nomad rates.
  • Available water now impacts nomad rates.
  • Nomads now can never spawn in groups less than 3, but late game spawn counts have been reduced.
  • Nomads are slightly less aggressive in combat, causing them to flee more often.
  • Nomad catjeet and children, as well as nomad human children can now spawn.
Monster Changes
  • Boosted monsters have been added, that can spawn at 4 times their regular level, and 4 times faster than usual. They also glow! The frequency a boosted monster can spawn goes up gradually as the days pass.
  • Increased the level cap of all monsters by roughly 4 times their previous caps, and completely reworked the level spawning formula for mobs.
  • Global spawnrates for monsters have been slightly reduced, to compensate for the significantly higher level monsters that will appear mid-late game.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • All Patreon rewards added for December.
  • Doubled the refining and harvesting speed bonuses provided by all upgraded buildings.
  • Rebalanced housing, now standard and high quality give slightly more bonuses, but high occupancy has penalties.
  • Lightning strikes now have a higher chance of hitting their intended targets.
  • If lightning hits a building, it can no longer also hit a mob. This prevents builders from being hit while repairing lightning rods.
  • Lightning "white flash" has been removed.
  • Fire Elementals now move slower.
  • Lowered all resistances and vulnerabilities that were 90% down to 80%.
  • Now all mobs must take a minimum of 1 damage when hit, avoiding resistance calculations that result in 0 damage.
  • Doggo spawn rate reduced by roughly 50%.
  • Increased Doggo House occupancy to 6, and slightly buffed some of the home benefits.
  • Increased Doggo House build requirements to 12 wood.
  • Elemental Bolt tower now gets a slight firing speed boost when upgraded.
  • Increased the energy cost of the static tower.
  • Added bows and quivers to the equipment storage.
  • Cleaned up the debug page a bit.
  • Tons is miscellaneous GUI tweaks.
  • Disasters are slightly more common in survival mode.

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#2 Bolgfred

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Posted 01 February 2018 - 02:26 AM

Hello new Update!


New patch is nicer than I did expect :-)


The new Manapool scale per villager is very nice. I like it. It's a little bit confusing to start with 15% of the bar as it's now harder to see the mana reservation before casting a spell because of the larger scale.


I very do not like the new axis feature on shift and the former shift switch to 'x'! In my first play, this did reeeally upset me. Anyway I am pretty sure I can change these hotkeys so nevermind. Anyway in my first game this patch I was screaming at my computer twice.


New Spells icons are okay. I miss the old icons, as I liked them a lot. The new spell preset is useful, and the category colors are nice aswell. Anyway, the icons themself are not very good. I hardly can differ between dissolve and plant-grow-spell, as theyre colorless and have the same shape.

Similar problem on the attack spells. manabolt and meteor look quite similar to me. 


I am not sure about the spawnrate changes. It reads as if spawnrate in genereal was lowered, but monsters get stronger over time, is that correct?


Whats the point of the light spell? Is this just for the fluff or giving some bonus to any something?

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#3 Rayvolution

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Posted 01 February 2018 - 09:55 PM

I am not sure about the spawnrate changes. It reads as if spawnrate in genereal was lowered, but monsters get stronger over time, is that correct?
Whats the point of the light spell? Is this just for the fluff or giving some bonus to any something?

You're right about the spawn rates. Basically the generic mob spawns (not from spawners) has been nerfed slightly. This causes overall less monsters and slowly monster growth throughout the days. It's to makeup for the fact they can all spawn at much greater levels. The idea was to make early game a bit easier, and late game harder. We'll see how it works out though!


And yes, Light is mostly fluff. Players were asking for a way to see in the dark, and it was a simple enough mostly-harmless spell to add. There's no bonuses or anything. :)

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