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UI suggestion - keyboard vs mouse
1 reply to this topic - Started By Troab, Dec 28 2017 09:56 AM

#1 Troab

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Posted 28 December 2017 - 09:56 AM

Really enjoying the game so far, sunk a lot of hours over the past week.

A couple of things with the user interface would make the game feel a lot more polished and increase my enjoyment, most notably making as many functions as possible from both the keyboard Or mouse.

For instance the game speed seems to be mouse only, there’s no hot key. (Btw, my laptops volume controls seem to cause the speed to increase for some reason, but then I need to Ouse over to the tiny buttons to get back down to 1x)

Cancelling gather, destroy, etc, work orders cannot be done using only the mouse but requires the keyboard (and mouse) for a shift click. I realize this one could never be kB-only because the click is required to identify what you are cancelling, but I feel it should be MOUSE-ONLY. Even just an additional command in either corner for “cancel work”, then any work area I click on could be cancelled.

These aren’t major things, but I do feel they would make the game feel more polished.

Thanks and great work!
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#2 Rayvolution

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Posted 28 December 2017 - 10:54 AM

The hotkeys for speed are actually hardcoded in at the moment (keys - and =), I'm trying to figure out why the audio controls on most laptops control the speed. It'sa weird/awkward bug. I'm thinking that it has something to do with how the audio controls function. I'm hoping to find a work around for it next patch.


I agree with the premise of the game controls being mouse only (also, this helps make it touch-only someday). I have a bunch of work I'd like to do to the interface, but GUI work is the bane of an indiedev's existence during Early Access. Things change to rapidly it's a constant tug back and forth adding, removing and redesigning things. The current GUI is the third complete-from-scratch rewrite, and we're inching closer to a forth one soon. :)


In InDev 29b (Time permitting, otherwise it may be InDev 30) I have plans to completely gut and rewrite the input code to prep for touch screen support. It'll be the first step in starting the forth version of the GUI. Although the full rewrite likely won't happen in InDev 29b or 30, but somewhere around 32-33 you may be seeing it.

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