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InDev 29 - The Quality of Life Update - Released!
3 replies to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, Dec 17 2017 12:01 PM

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Posted 17 December 2017 - 12:01 PM

The Quality of Life update has been released. This is another huge content patch, and an exceptionally large portion of it is player requested content! The highlights in this patch are the new upgradable housing, farms, storage and the new marketplace system. But there's a ton of other awesome new content, like $1.99 loot boxes. (Kidding, please don't kill me!)

Be sure to give the change logs a good once-over, and let me know what you think about the new patch down in the comments. I'm really excited to get this patch out to you guys, and I'd love to hear your feedback on all the changes.

Also just as a friendly reminder and not a shameless plug what so ever, by popular demand, I have launched a Patreon last week. If you're interested, head over and check it out. :)

YOU MAY NEED TO UPDATE YOUR SHORTCUTS TO LAUNCH THE GAME. Some old launcher legacy code has been removed in this update. :)

InDev 29 Change Log

The Marketplace, Gold and Catjeet
  • A new mob has been added; The Catjeet. They are similar to villagers in stats, but they have more dexterity, less strength, fur and a tail.
  • The marketplace has been added to the game. When built, you will attract Catjeet provisioners and laborers, whom you can buy and sell resources with or hire, and become a permanent part of your village.
  • Buy and sell values of items are based on supply and demand, and adjust as your or the Catjeet's stock go up and down.
  • You can hire Catjeet laborers who visit the new marketplace, becoming permanent members of your village.
  • New job added; The Provisioner. The new provisioners will interact with the Catjeet, processing all buy and sell requests, as well as keeping gold stocked in the marketplaces.
  • Catjeet's resource inventory is global. Meaning if you sell 1,000 wood in one village, you can buy the same 1,000 wood in another later. Exception is in Skirmish mode, where each save gets its own inventory.
  • Catjeet generate new stock at dawn, the more Catjeet at your marketplace, the more stock will be generated.
  • The more marketplaces you have and the more upgraded they are will encourage more Catjeet to visit. Catjeet are also more likely to visit the lower the total Catjeet you have.
  • A new trade panel has been added to the left hand GUI that can be used to interact with the new marketplace and Catjeet.
  • Gold ore can now be harvested from rock, and smelted into gold ingots that can then be processed into gold coin sacks at the forge to buy items from the new Catjeet provisioners.
Upgradable Storage and The Storage Management System
  • All old storage buildings have been removed from the game, and replaced with a new storage building that can be upgraded 4 times.
  • A new gold storage building has been added to the game, to store gold ingots and coins.
  • You can now pause or disable storage of resources in buildings by clicking on their icons in the bottom GUI. Setting a resource to pause will prevent any more from being added, setting it to disabled will cause the workers to remove any resources that are already inside.
Upgradable Housing
  • All old housing has been removed from the game, and replaced with a single "Housing" building that can be upgraded in 3 paths, 4 times per path.
  • The upgrade paths are "Occupancy", "Standard" and "Quality". "Occupancy" will only increase the buildings maximum housing size, where "Quality" will provide significantly less housing, but will give a significant boost energy, happiness and health regeneration rates for its occupants. "Standard" as you might have guessed, is a balance between the two.
Upgradable Farms
  • The "Small Farm" has been removed from the game.
  • The farm is now upgradable twice, starting with 6 crop tiles, then 9, and finally 13.
  • Crop tiles now grow twice as fast to off-set there being less actual crops in the base farm before upgrades. Meaning the new base farm with 6 crop tiles grows nearly the same rate as the old large farm with 13, and a fully upgraded farm now grows roughly twice as fast as the old farm even though it has the same amount of actual crops.
Loot Boxes
  • Loot boxes are randomly hidden all over the map, it's up to you to find them!
  • Loot boxes can be opened with a key, for only $2.99 USD. You can buy them on the main menu. Buy in bulk and save! for only $100 USD you can get 100 keys!
  • Just kidding.
  • The keys to open the loot boxes can be found randomly in the game world when harvesting wood, water or wild food. They can also be purchased from Catjeet, and very rarely found in place of a loot box spawn. When a key is found, you can drop it on the box to open it.
  • Loot boxes can get annoyed with the player and teleport away if you click on them a bunch of times.
Social System
  • Villagers (and Doggos!) now have social stats, and will no longer just chat randomly. They will chat when their social levels are low or they have nothing better to do, reducing the amount of random downtime chatting.
  • When their social stats are too low, they will be much less likely to work and their happiness will plummet.
  • Finding a mate and coitus chances are now based on their overall social level. The higher their social, the better chance they'll accept a mate or coitus with one.
  • Tons of new chatting icons have been added to the game.
  • Chat AI has been partially rewritten to do a better job of finding chat partners.
  • Villagers can now gain social if they're in a home with other villagers at the same time.
Optimizing and Big Fixes
  • Removed some legacy launcher code. YOU MAY NEED TO UPDATE ANY MANUALLY MADE SHORTCUTS
  • Redesigned the sprite loader system to support more mob sprites without going over the 4k texture limit.
  • Fixed wood golem combobulators spawn caps during upgrades.
  • Fixed a bunch of very minor errors in some of the mob sprites.
  • Fixed some minor in-game mob coloring errors, mostly with ghosts.
  • Removed a duplicate name from the names list.
  • Slightly optimized the update loop for particles.
  • Lighting now properly updates faster when speed is increased.
  • Holy golems no longer emit particles while the game is paused.
  • Optimized and rewrote the range and perimeter system.
  • Possible fix implemented for a very rare crash if a mob is shooting something with a bow they can not reach, and the bow is taken from them misfiring.
  • Fixed a rare issue where sometimes you couldn't grab or interact with a mob who was standing over a dead body.
  • Fixed a crash in the guard patrol behavior that would sometimes return way points the guard can not reach, causing lag or crashes.
  • Slightly optimized the update loop for the mob job module.
  • Heavily optimized font rendering code.
  • Optimized the light rendering code slightly during all times of the day, and greatly during midday.
  • Optimized several of the mob searching algorithms, speeding up many parts of the AI.
  • Optimized the AI interrupt system, improving all AI slightly.
  • Fixed the motivation bolt from firing the incorrect missile type, sometimes causing crashes on load.
  • Optimized many parts of the GUI.
  • Optimized the way point generation system.
  • Lightning now properly hits the center of tiles, rather than the corners.
  • Ancient cullis gates and ancient radiance pools no longer count against the building cap.
  • Villagers and doggos will no longer try to chat with monsters.
  • Optimized the map AI module that controls map regrowth and spread mechanics.
  • Optimized the aggro checks slightly.
  • Golems no longer use crystal motivators as waypoints.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs in how waypoints were generated, that may have caused some crashing issues.
  • Fixed abandoned rain catcher shadow generation.
  • Optimized the resource pre-sorting algos.
  • Fixed extremely rare "invisible villager" bug, caused when you knock a villager out while they are in their home.
Interface Changes
  • You can now selectively grab things from buildings using the grab spell, similar to how the take from limbo spell works.
  • The rotation speed for the take from limbo spell type rotation is now double.
  • "No Production" now says "No Production Set", to help clarify the player needs to do something.
  • Redesigned the mob GUI a bit, changing most data types to fill bars instead of numbers, but you can still view the numbers by scrolling over them.
  • You can now mouse over a building and mob at the same time and see both overlay GUIs.
  • Lowered the default music volume, and raised the default sound volume.
  • Tip panel no longer renders behind the other panels.
  • Patreon link added to main menu.
  • Map zoom in and out keys have been moved to the [ and ] key.\
  • You can now speed up and slow down the game speed with the minus and equals key (next to backspace for most people)
  • Moved the resource values of buildings off the title bar, and is now only displayed on the left hand of the dismantle notification message.
  • Changed the loading screen a bit.
  • Cleaned up and tweaked a ton of small areas of GUI code.
  • Changed the sleep icon a bit.
  • Tooltips now render at the bottom right of the mouse.
Pathfinding Arrows
  • Redesigned the path finding arrows that display when a mob is selected. They now show actual arrows, and are colored based on their job color.
  • When a building highlighted or selected, all the mobs assigned to it are selected, light up and show their current paths. This includes buildings under construction, spawn points, homes, work buildings and many others.
  • When highlighting or selecting a mob, they now light up.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Completely overhauled how water storage works, water no longer has a set storage value in buildings, everything is based on buckets, and buckets are created/destroyed as needed for space.
  • Removed light blocking code from all buildings.
  • Resource Limbo has been completely removed from the game, use the marketplaces!
  • Reversed changes to particle sizes, now all particles are the same size again.
  • Wild Doggos can now use gates.
  • Decreased firing rate of static tower, and increased energy cost.
  • The animation system has been completely rewritten from scratch.
  • The sprite sheet loading system has been completely rewritten from scratch.
  • Movement speed is now calculated into animation speed, so mob animations play faster or slower based on terrain.
  • Trimmed the mob overlay down a bit.
  • Slightly buffed crystal golems strength, boosting their damage and hitpoints.
  • Added map Perilous Waters to the developer's choice maps, made by Mckloshiv.
  • Combobulators will now stop producing golems when paused.
  • Tweaked confusion behavior a bit, and they now look in the direction that has caused their confusion.
  • Villagers can now get pregnant and coitus as soon as they are "generated", increasing early game reproduction rates.
  • Wild doggos are more likely to hang out in high-desirability areas, and their AI has been tweaked to prevent them from wandering off as often.
  • The maximum production settings are now 500, before switching over to infinite.
  • Villagers are now less willing to work if they're hungry, thirsty, unhappy or have low social.
  • All vegetation but crystals (Yes, the code thinks crystals are vegetation) now only spread if motivated, stopping trees from "taking over" the map extreme-late game.
  • Updated all world maps with the new upgradable housing, farming and storage.
  • The forge now uses even storage mechanics to prevent it from being clogged.

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#2 rwv37

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Posted 17 December 2017 - 04:55 PM

Is there anything different from Unstable 4b? Thanks.

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#3 Rayvolution

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Posted 17 December 2017 - 07:00 PM

Is there anything different from Unstable 4b? Thanks.

Hardly any, just a few minor things;

- Fixed particle scaling on the splash screen.
- Fixed some minor issues with storage counts for housing when being upgraded.
- The forge now uses even storage mechanics to prevent it from being clogged.
- Fixed extremely rare "invisible villager" bug, caused when you knock a villager out while he is in his home.
- Updated farm tip.
- Tweaked the animation times on some animations.
- Changed the sleep icon a bit.


Also, Stable saves work with U4 and U4b, so you can play stable with no worries. ;)

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#4 Bolgfred

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Posted 29 December 2017 - 06:13 AM

Very cool! I like the new farms and the chattering!

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