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Build InDev 29 Unstable 1 Released
No replies to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, Nov 18 2017 11:38 AM

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Posted 18 November 2017 - 11:38 AM

Click here for help on accessing the Unstable branch!

The first InDev 29 patch is here! This patch brings in the new upgradable storage buildings, the marketplace, gold and the new Catjeet mobs, as well as a few other miscellaneous changes.

YOU MAY NEED TO UPDATE YOUR SHORTCUTS TO LAUNCH THE GAME. Some old launcher legacy code has been removed in this update. :)

You can report bugs over at the official website's Support and Bugs Forum, or on the Steam Discussion Board. :)

InDev 29 Unstable 1b, 1c and 1d *HOTFIX* Change Log

Optimizing and Big Fixes
  • Fixed typo in Catjeet provisioner's job title.
  • Fixed rare redistribution AI crash caused by bad save data.
  • Lighting now properly updates faster when speed is increased.
  • Holy golems no longer emit particles while the game is paused.
  • Catjeet provisioners and laborers can now use gates properly. (Note, Catjeet spawned in previous saves may still not use the gates.)
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Catjeet are more willing to leave the village when they're hot or cold.
  • Miners can now store and clearout gold ore.
  • Wild Doggos can now use gates.
InDev 29 Unstable 1 Change Log

The Marketplace, Gold and Catjeet
  • A new mob has been added; The Catjeet. They are similar to villagers in stats, but they have more dexterity, less strength, fur and a tail.
  • The marketplace has been added to the game. When built, you will attract Catjeet provisioners and laborers, whom you can buy and sell resources with or hire, and become a permanent part of your village.
  • Buy and sell values of items are based on supply and demand, and adjust as your or the Catjeet's stock go up and down.
  • You can hire Catjeet laborers who visit the new marketplace, becoming permanent members of your village.
  • New job added; The Provisioner. The new provisioners will interact with the Catjeet, processing all buy and sell requests, as well as keeping gold stocked in the marketplaces.
  • Catjeet's resource inventory is global. Meaning if you sell 1,000 wood in one village, you can buy the same 1,000 wood in another later. Exception is in Skirmish mode, where each save gets its own inventory.
  • Catjeet generate new stock at dawn, the more Catjeet at your marketplace, the more stock will be generated.
  • The more marketplaces you have and the more upgraded they are will encourage more Catjeet to visit. Catjeet are also more likely to visit the lower the total Catjeet you have.
  • A new trade panel has been added to the left hand GUI that can be used to interact with the new marketplace and Catjeet.
  • Gold ore can now be harvested from rock, and smelted into gold ingots that can then be processed into gold coin sacks at the forge to buy items from the new Catjeet provisioners.
Optimizing and Big Fixes
  • Redesigned the sprite loader system to support more mob sprites without going over the 4k texture limit.
  • Fixed wood golem combobulators spawn caps during upgrades.
  • Fixed a bunch of very minor errors in some of the mob sprites.
  • Fixed some minor in-game mob coloring errors, mostly with ghosts.
  • Removed a duplicate name from the names list.
  • Slightly optimized the update loop for particles.
  • Removed some legacy launcher code. YOU MAY NEED TO UPDATE ANY MANUALLY MADE SHORTCUTS
Storage Management System
  • All old storage buildings have been removed from the game, and replaced with a new storage building that can be upgraded 4 times.
  • A new gold storage building has been added to the game, to store gold ingots and coins.
  • You can now pause or disable storage of resources in buildings by clicking on their icons in the bottom GUI. Setting a resource to pause will prevent any more from being added, setting it to disabled will cause the workers to remove any resources that are already inside.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Completely overhauled how water storage works, water no longer has a set storage value in buildings, everything is based on buckets, and buckets are created/destroyed as needed for space.
  • Removed light blocking code from all buildings.
  • Resource Limbo has been completely removed from the game, use the marketplaces!
  • Tooltips now render at the bottom right of the mouse.
  • Reversed changes to particle sizes, now all particles are the same size again.
Known Issues that will be resolved before the stable build
  • There are no new tips explaining the marketplace.

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