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Low on Essence
5 replies to this topic - Started By GainGrenade, Jun 20 2017 09:08 PM

#1 GainGrenade

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Posted 20 June 2017 - 09:08 PM

First off, just bought the game on Saturday and I've got 30 hours in already. Loving it! 


So I'm on day 25 of survival, got a nice base set up with no foreseeable problems, except I never seem to have enough Essence. 


So far, my strategy has been to nuke a few Spawners during the day with Fireballs(?), then recharge my Essence bar in the maze at night. Relying mostly on Bow Towers and Spray Towers, with one Elemental Tower (all Established), mobs generally don't make it half way through the maze, so I'm not worried about the near future.


But I'm running out of essence constantly at night. I know filling my bar takes a huge chunk of it, but it seems if I don't destroy spawners, I'll eventually get overwhelmed. It's actually been getting easier after adopting the nuke-3-spawners-a-day strategy; the nightly onslaught seems to have leveled off or even declined.


So my question is, do I need to adapt to a more Essence efficient strategy and employ more magical turrets in the future? Also, I'm a little confused about the relationships between the Essence Collectors, Crystal Motivators, and Crylithium conversion back into Essence. It seems you gotta spend some Essence to make some, and I can only assume there's a net benefit. Any clarification would be much appreciated!


TL;DR: Essence generation. How does it work?

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#2 Scott23

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Posted 21 June 2017 - 09:12 PM

I'm fairly sure that crystals don't require a Crystal Motivator to grow back, it's just much, much faster growth if you do have one. As for the rest of your questions, I'm not sure.

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#3 Pipebomb

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Posted 03 December 2017 - 05:30 AM

Essence collectors consume crylithium (refined crystals) VERY slowly so build lots of them.

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#4 rwv37

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Posted 03 December 2017 - 04:06 PM

There are two different things here - your essence, and your village's essence.  Your essence is the bar, which you use to cast spells.  The village's essence is the number next to the lightning bolt, which your towers and such use.


For your essence, there are several ways to replenish it:


(1) Let time pass.  It slowly increases over time.


(2) Dead bodies give off small amounts of essence, as do trees and other plants when you chop them down or harvest them.  If you wave your hand around areas with those things, you'll get some essence.


(3) If you hold your hand over an essence collector (which has essence), essence will be drained from the collector to you.


(4) If you use the Grab spell to drop something (creature, resource, item, whatever) into a cullis gate, it will give off essence, which you can collect with your hand.  Be careful not to drop too much too quickly, as a gate can overload, causing it to be damaged.  Like any other building, if it gets too damaged, it will be destroyed.  However, unlike most other buildings, you cannot repair ancient cullis gates (i.e. the ones that start the game on the map).  You can, however, repair cullis gates that you yourself have built.


(5) The Dissolve spell can be used on trees, crystals, and whatnot in order to dissolve them, giving off essence, which you can then gather with your hand.  Cast it in the right spot (e.g. a forest, so as to dissolve a bunch of trees), and you will get back more essence than it cost to cast the spell in the first place.


For the village's essence:


(1) All of the things above (except for "Let time pass") work, as long as you have essence collectors (which are not already full).  Just don't wave your hand around the loose essence, and the essence collectors will attract it.  So for example you can dissolve some trees and then move your hand away; your essence collectors will then get the essence.


(2) Additionally, essence collectors can "eat" crylithium, which creates essence.  It's not an immediate thing - it creates essence over a period of time.  I think the created essence gets put into the air, and then sucked back to the collector, so if a collector eats some crylithium, and then fills up on only a small amount of the essence that the crylithium created, I think that the "extra" essence can then be sucked up by other essence collectors (or your hand).


(3) When lightning rods are hit with lightning, essence will be created, which can then be sucked up by collectors or your hand.


As for the crystals -> essence life cycle:


(1) A crystal harvester harvests a crystal.


(2) The crystal is brought to a crystallery, either directly by a crystal harvester, or later by a crystaller or an organizer.


(3) A crystaller converts the crystal into crylithium.


(4) The crylithium is brought by a crystaller or an organizer to an essence collector.


(5) The essence collector eats the crylithium and generates essence.


Crystals grow back naturally over time, and crystal "forests" can expand, just like regular tree forests.  An appropriately placed crystal motivator will increase the speed.


One little trick to keep in mind: The Motivate Land spell can be used to regrow stuff that you have dissolved.  So you can use forests and whatnot as a sort of battery system, storing up essence during the bountiful times and harvesting it during the lean times:  When you have enough essence and nothing really is going on, Motivate Land on some forest or whatever outside of your town.  When you need essence, Dissolve that forest.  With respect to this, note that Motivate Land works much better when it's raining (no matter whether naturally or via the Storm spell).


I... think that's all I know about essence?

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#5 Pipebomb

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Posted 04 December 2017 - 07:55 AM

Just to add clarification the blue bar is called influence i believe.

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#6 Bolgfred

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Posted 05 December 2017 - 08:27 AM

Here's some ways of essence generation that I use to use:


Ressource Recycling

1. Wait for a 70%-100% full mana bar

2. Search for a large forest area or a big crystal field. It should be as big as the range of the dissolve spell. 

3. spam dissolve on the same spot until your mana is empty

=> Whilst the spell ist doing its work. Normally 70% pixel start flying to your collectors, whilst 30% or so stay on the spot. Anyway, when you leave your cursor on the spot, all pixels fill your mana bar up to 100%. After your bar is full again the overproduction will head straightly for your collectors, which gives you 200-400 essence.


You can repeat this process as long as there is still some forest living.


Body Recycling

Dissolve might wonders aswell in the morning when there is a pile of ~100 zombies in your defense perimeter, 1-2 dissolve spells on the corpse can be very effective.


Ancient Cullis Gate

You can drop any monster directly into a wild cullis gate in the wildernes. WIth this you get mana on one side, and lower monster population on the other.


-Headless, Slime and Zombies give slightly less mana than used for grab/drop

-Skeletosn seem mostly equal

-Fire elementals and specters seem to bring a plus in essence


As youre not the owner of the gate, you can drop as much into it as you want, as you don't have to care about if they explode or not. So feel free to be reckless. Muaha!



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