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Build InDev 26 Unstable 2 Released
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Posted 02 May 2017 - 12:55 PM

Click here for help on accessing the Unstable branch!
InDev 26 Unstable 2 has been released! This patch is a smorgasbord board of random new content, tweaks and fixes. Highlights for this patch are the newly added ballista tower, the upgradable kitchen and clinic and some twitch integration features for you streamer types.
This patch's Twitch integration features are highly experimental, if you're a streamer, please report back with any issues you may have. :)
You can report bugs over at the official website's Support and Bugs Forum, or on the Steam Discussion Board. :)
InDev 26 Unstable 2 Change Log
Buildings and Towers
  • The kitchen is now upgradable.
  • The clinic is now upgradable.
  • New tower: The Ballista. The ballista is a mid-late game large bow tower, with extremely long range, high damage, and a slow firing rate. It can also shoot over anything in the game (Including terrain).
  • New building: The Lightning Rod. This building will attract nearby lightning to it, protecting your walls and other buildings from damage. But it also has the added bonus of converting those lightning strikes into energy that can be used to power your towers and recharge your essence collectors.
Twitch Integration
  • You can now input your Twitch channel name when you create a new profile, or in the settings menu. When your channel name is input, the game will pull your viewer's list off Twitch and use it to generate random names for your villagers based on your current viewers.
Optimizing and Big Fixes
  • Fixed a typo in the blight death message.
  • Optimized out some unused data in the map tile loader, speeding up tile data searching and lowering memory usage slightly.
  • Fixed overlapping data on the building priority list GUI.
  • Fixed harvest food and water shortcut assignment in the settings menu.
  • Fixed a few minor shadow and collision map issues on various buildings.
  • Energy no longer resets when upgrading a building.
  • The "No water production" tip no longer pops up when all water buildings are being upgraded or under construction.
  • Optimized golem combobulators resource search system.
  • Fixed a bug where the charge level of golem combobulators would reset on reload.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • You can now hit escape in the world map to bring you back to the main menu.
  • You can no longer escape out of the game mode selection screen when you visit the world map for the first time after creating a new profile.
  • Added status effects to villager pop out panel (Bottom panel, when you click on a villager).
  • Removed lightning "branching" that could cause very excessive damage in some cases.
  • Lightning can now charge whatever it hits, if the building can store energy.
  • You can now move the map in-game with the arrow keys, as well as WASD.
InDev 26 Unstable 1 Change Log
Tower Upgrades and Damage Types
  • All 4 base towers can now be upgraded, increasing their damage, firing rates and sometimes range. Their final upgrades all offer additional elemental damage of some kind. For example, the final stage bow tower can be upgraded into a fire, ice or poison bow tower.
  • The fire bolt tower has been replaced with a very similar elemental bolt tower, that can later be upgraded into a fire, ice or electric bolt tower.
  • Every damage in the game now has an assigned "type". Some types, like blight or poison, have residual status effects.
  • Towers can now target a new monster before the old target is dead, if the new target is closer or more vulnerable to the tower's damage type.
  • Mobs can be resistant or vulnerable to damage certain damage types. For example, the skeleton is now highly resistant to piercing damage from the bow tower.
  • Zombies now do "Blight" damage, and can turn a villager into a zombie if they die while blighted.
  • Slimes can now poison villagers.
  • Being poisoned, on fire, frozen or blighted is now factored into fight or flight.
  • Medics can now heal blight and poison.
  • Healing aura now heals blight and poison.
Optimizing and Big Fixes
  • Fixed some minor sprite coloring issues.
  • Improved some of the mob search algorithm. Improving update logic speed game wide.
  • Reduced overall mob aggressiveness, making them search for combat less, reducing CPU usage.
  • Reduced how often the tick to look for food or water when hungry or thirsty runs, reducing CPU usage.
  • Reduced how often mobs wander aimless, to reduce CPU usage.
  • Added a slight targeting buffer/delay to tower target searching to reduce CPU usage.
Spawn Rebalancing
  • The global spawn rate has been reduced by about 15%.
  • Skeletons no longer spawn until day 4.
  • Regular sized slimes can no longer spawn until day 3. But small slimes can still spawn by day 2.
  • Fire elementals will not spawn until day 6. (Formally day 5)
  • Greatly reduced spawn rate of spawners, but increased the rates spawners themselves spawn. (Meaning more spawners, but the same amount of monsters)
  • Increased spawner build time, resource requirements and hit points.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Increased the chance mobs will wake up from being knocked out/incapacitated.
  • Reduced how often villagers stop to chat.
  • Decreased the speed that body temperature adjusts, allowing villagers to stay out in the hot or cold longer.
  • Rebalanced start stats and level up amounts for all mobs.
  • Mobs run away more often when low on health.
  • Removed 2 erroneous names from the villager name list.
  • Increased flame spell damage.
  • Slowed down thirst decay rate for children.
  • Added some new death messages and new death message subtitles.
  • Essence Collector has been slightly rebalanced and can now be upgraded.
  • Generic wood GUI buttons are no longer in all caps.
  • Completely removed "Stun" effects from the game's AI.
  • Live stream message now pops up on the main menu when live streaming.
  • Twitch link added to main menu.
  • Reversed changes made that prevent building roads before the way maker shack is completed.
  • Fixed the abandoned crystal harvestry in map Enchanted Shoreline.
  • When resurrected, villagers no longer start with 0 energy, hunger, and thirst.
Known Issues that will be resolved before the stable build
  • Tips are not updated.

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