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InDev 26 Road Map - The Defense Update
6 replies to this topic - Started By Rayvolution, Apr 06 2017 06:57 AM

#1 Rayvolution

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Posted 06 April 2017 - 06:57 AM

The next major patch will focus mostly on and fleshing out the defense elements of the village. All the current towers will be getting upgrades in-line with the existing upgrade system. I will also introduce some light upgrade branching not seen in any previous buildings, where you can select what kind of upgrade you want in the tower's final upgrade stage.

For example, the Bow Tower will feature the base building, and 3 upgrades. The first two upgrades will simply boost the towers base ammo capacity, damage, and firing rate, but the final upgrade will let you to select between 3 element types, allowing your maximum upgraded bow tower to launch fire, ice or lightning arrows at your enemies depending on your personal preference.

This patch will also introduce a new damage type system adding resistances and weaknesses to all villagers, monsters and golems. Skeletons for example will be highly resistant to piercing damage (arrows), but highly vulnerable to crushing (stone balls). Making the bow tower mostly useless, but the bullet and sling towers highly effective.

But that's not all! In addition to all the new tower upgrades, brand new towers will also be added to the game! So check out the road map below for all the juicy details.

Due to the amount of towers I am planning this patch may be broken into two major stable patches (InDev 26 and 27). It mostly depends on the development time needed to add all of the new towers to the game.

If you have any requests, be sure to post them in the comments. Let me know what you want, and how you want it to work! You might just find it sneak into the next patch. :)

InDev 26 Road Map

Towers Upgrades
  • All existing towers will be given 4 upgrade phases, with the final upgrade allowing you to pick from various elemental types (Fire, Ice, Poison, Acid, Lightning, etc)
  • Fire Bolt Tower will be redesigned into an "Elemental" tower, doing generic magic damage at first, then upgraded into a fire, lightning or ice bolt tower later.
New Towers
  • Longbow Tower. A new variant of the bow tower with exceptional range and damage, but very slow firing.
  • Spray Tower. A new variant of the bullet tower, very short range, extremely high rate of fire, but very inaccurate.
  • Recombobulator Tower. A tower designed to heal nearby golems.
  • Haste Tower. Increases the movement speed of all mobs (Monsters and villagers included) in the area.
  • Static Tower. A very short range, very low damage area of effect tower that will damage all hostile mobs in range.
  • Boost Tower. A tower that will use essence to "boost" nearby towers firing rates.
  • Chain Lightning Tower. A tower that does pure electric damage that jumps from one mob to the next.
  • Sticky Tower. Does no damage, but will slow down anything it hits.
  • Banish Tower. Teleports a hostile mob away from the village.
  • Attract Tower. Fetches nearby items on the ground and pulls them to the tower.
  • Flame Tower. Does fire damage in a small area, burning everything in its path.
  • Frost Tower. Similar to the flame tower, but fires a cloud of ice. Does low damage, but slows down the enemy.
Damage Type System
  • Everything in the game will be assigned a damage type (or types). Bow towers will do piercing damage, bullet towners will do crushing damage, etc.
  • Currently planned damage types are: Blunt/Crushing, Piercing/Cutting, Fire, Ice, Water, Lightning, Acid, Poison, Disease. (Suggest more in the comments!)
  • Many mobs will have resistances or vulnerabilities to various damage types. For example, a zombie may be highly resistant to disease and poison, but vulnerable to fire. While some mobs may be immune to certain damage types all together, like the Fire Elemental will be completely immune to fire, but extremely vulnerable to ice. The specter may be immune to all physical damage, but extremely vulnerable to all elemental damage.

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#2 Sandpirate

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Posted 07 April 2017 - 06:29 PM

I look forward to trying out all the new towers and seeing how the upgrade system works.

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#3 Tchey

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Posted 09 April 2017 - 08:47 AM

I didn't play for quite long (waiting for reajease or at least more "complete" state), and just by reading the updates notes, i love what you're doing with the game so far. It was in 2015 with indev 15, 16 and 17 i think, when i played.

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#4 AarkLight

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Posted 11 April 2017 - 01:57 PM

Hi Rayvolution. I'm curious. This Defense update is a part of the road map. Is there a complete road map on the forum somewhere? I'm not sure where to look for it. If there is no complete road map can you share it? It will be great to know what kind of gameplay this game is going to have eventually. 

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#5 owen

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 03:11 PM

It's good that you finally have time to make the combat portion of the game more interesting.  I haven't really played this game for almost a year now, but I have been following it on Steam and Twitter so here is my yearly megapost:


1) Do you really need so many types of damage?  All MOBAs that I know of only have Physical, Magical, and "True" damage, and true damage isn't a proper damage type like the other two.  Even Kingdom Rush only has normal and magic damage, and I think it is a fairly complicated tower-defense game.  These games do have armor systems, however; normal armor reduces physical damage and magic armor reduces magic damage (true damage bypasses all armor, but true damage is usually just used for on-hit effects and such).  Personally, I think that one damage type is enough, but the various attack types can differently affect the statistics or the status of the target





  • A = attack value
  • R = armor of target
  • H = health of target
  • H_max = max health of target
  • S = speed of target
  • S_max = max speed of target

On-hit effects (enemies are susceptible to all on-hit effects unless they are explicitly resistant).

  • Ignite - Targets that are ablaze slowly lose H until they are dampened
  • Poison - Poisoned targets slowly lose H; poison rapidly clears
  • Infect - Infected targets slowly lose H_max; infection rapidly clears
  • Dampen - Targets cannot be set ablaze and take double damage from electric sources
  • Slowed - Slowed targets have reduce speed; slowedness rapidly clears


Damage Calculations:

  • Blunt: H -= max(0, A - R)              // Flat damage reduction
  • Pierce: H -= A / (A + R)                 // Fractional damage reduction
  • Cut: H -= if (A - R < 0) 0, else A    // All or nothing
  • Lightning: if target is wet, H -= 2*A; else H -= A
  • Fire: H -= A; ignite
  • Water: H -= A; Dampen
  • Acid: R -= A
  • Poison: H -= A; poison
  • Disease: H -= A; Infects
  • Ice: H -= max(0, A - R); Slows

and so forth


The point is that I think it's more of an interesting puzzle game when you play around with stats and effects like this instead of just matching damage types to target types.  In particular, I think the order in which towers are placed becomes more meaningful.  There are also Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity stats, too. Are these going to factor into the damage calculations?


2) Will we be able to disable towers during battles?  It would be nice to have some tactical input during battles rather than just to watch things kill each other. Since ammunition and essence are temporarily limited resources during night time, disabling towers that kill poorly while enabling towers that kill well would be a good idea I think.



3) Are you still going to let enemies wander around during the day?  This game can only handle so many mobs at once and I don't think it's a good idea to rely on the player to kill stuff in order to keep the mob count at a reasonable level.  Rather, it would be easier to ensure decent performance by killing things off during the day and then spawning a reasonable number of them at night, making them more powerful instead of more numerous as the game goes on.  I know this has been suggested before but performance was still a problem the last time I played.

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#6 Pherenetic

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 08:22 AM

Great roadmap :-) I looovveee towers :-D

Will the "Attract Tower" work across walls? If not, probably not so useful :/

"Recombobulator Tower": It would be gread when it's a gathering spot for the golems when out of combat. Otherwise we would have to build the combobulators around one tower.

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#7 Rayvolution

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 01:47 PM

Great roadmap :-) I looovveee towers :-D
Will the "Attract Tower" work across walls? If not, probably not so useful :/
"Recombobulator Tower": It would be gread when it's a gathering spot for the golems when out of combat. Otherwise we would have to build the combobulators around one tower.

Yep, it'll work over walls. That's actually what it's designed to do, pluck up the monster loot that falls on the ground, to avoid your villagers trying to walk through the maze to grab it.


I like your idea of the recombobulator, it would allow players to place the combobulators farther away, and make the recombobulators the massing/idling points.

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