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Oct 14 2014 07:26 PM | Rayvolution in Site Updates

If you're interested in getting a copy, you can also check out the already-funded kickstarter that still has about two weeks left, there are many tiers that offer a free copy of the game that are much lower than the $14.99 pricepoint Steam has authorized. :)

The latest and greatest build has finally been released! This build features a ton of tuneups, bug fixes, runs faster, uses less memory and it much more stable! Woot!

Full Changelog:
- Overall load speed increased by about 25-30% (More on lower end machines)
- Villagers no longer attempt to grab resources that are on a blocked tile.
- Fixed a bug that would cause farmers to stop farming entirely.
- Resources are now pushed out of the way if you attempt to build something on top of them.
- Added Children. They are not allowed to work, but will eventually grow into adult villagers. They inherit stats/experience from their parents when born.
- Hovering over "total population" on the top GUI now shows how many adults and children you have.
- Zooming added, you can now zoom between 1x and 8x zoom with the + and - key on your numpad. (Last build was locked at 3x)
- The interface GUI is now set to 2x scaling (Last build was 3x)
- Minimap colors rebalanced, and the minimap renders faster.
- Shadows generate much faster now.
- Lighting style changed, now more retro-like. Also renders faster.
- Created proper launcher files/executable for Windows, Mac and Linux.
- Patched a crash related to lighting values dropping below 0.
- Fixed a crash related to villagers trying to do mate related AI functions and their mate dies before the action is completed.
- Fixed a crash that would fire when a villager is starving to death and looking for food.
- Farmers now distribute food more evenly.
- Builders now build from first to last, not everything all at once.
- Many other tiny bug fixes and tweaks.
- Fixed Info tab text inputs in the map editor.
- Fixed odd issue where map wouldn't center correctly in the map editor.
- Added a new setting in settings.properties to change the interface scaling factor, called interfaceScale. (Higher = larger)

You can fetch the latest copy of the game here.

Screenshots from the new build on a WIP map made by Dragonisser.
Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

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Aug 10 2014 10:54 AM | Rayvolution in Site Updates

I've been mostly working on the GUI in the play mode over the past few days, really polishing it up and adding in all the missing buttons. The great thing about GUI work is it really makes the game shine, although the drawback is the inordinate amount of time it takes to code/draw! But, it's all worth it in the end.

Another feature I've finally added is villager names, there are now over 4,000 first names, and 10,000 last names for the game to pick from when a villager is generated. That's over 40 million combinations! Some of them with hilarious outcomes.

Next up will probably be building mechanics, so our little villagers can actually build objects. We're getting closer and closer to actually calling RPC a "game" every day!

..and finally, I have setup a twitter account for RPC. If you're interested in following click here:

A new villager drop-down pane. You can now see all of your villagers in a simple, easy to view list.
Posted Image

The new bottom Pop Out information pane, that displays statistics for villagers or objects you click on:
Posted Image

..and the whole thing, all together, and also featuring some of the other small changes:
Posted Image

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Aug 05 2014 07:50 PM | Rayvolution in Site Updates

The last few days have been well spent working on the new farming and hunger mechanics. As with everything in RPC, farming had a ton of AI work that needed to be done, as well as some behaviors for hunger and starvation!

In this update, I've added:
- Hunger, they now go home when they need to eat. If they have no home, they scavenge for scraps around or outside of town! Be careful, if you don't get your farms going before your villagers start to starve they may eat all the nearby food, dooming you in the long run!
- New farm building added, can now plant nearby crops and make them a renewable resource to keep your village running strong.
- The farmers will distribute food to all the homes nearby, and tend to the crops automatically. No player intervention required once you have a functional farm going!
- Happiness now is directly affected by hunger, now your villagers happiness will drop when they're hungry, so keep them fed!
- Villagers who's hunger hits zero will slowly starve to death.

Future farming plans:
- Many various farm building sizes, some small and quick to build, some large and resource intensive to build.
- Food storage building (Like the lumber storage, just for food of course.)
- More plant types! Currently we only have carrots, but that will change eventually.
- Animals/meats, these will be added someday after the core mechanics are all in place. Probably sometime during alpha.
- Farming flowers, for use in future decorative builds.

Quiet Village Farming
Posted Image

A little bit of overkill late night farming.

Posted Image

Some carrots all by themselves.
Posted Image Posted Image

A few early development shots from a few days ago.
Posted Image Posted Image

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Jul 30 2014 01:39 PM | Rayvolution in Site Updates

I'm proud to announce RPC now has a musician! "Bibiki" García has just officially signed on as RPC's music producer/composer, and he will be doing all of Retro-Pixel Castle's music!

RPC's music will feature a hybrid mix of orchestral and 8-bit melodies, blending both retro and modern music together. In the future, RPC will feature at least 10-12 tracks that will play in the background randomly, shuffle playlist style. So you won't hear the same song over-and-over, you'll get a nice, full album of original music to enjoy!

Click the link below and listen to the first track, "Dark Sunshine" and let us know what you think. We both look forward to hearing your feedback! Posted Image
Dark Sunshine

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Jul 20 2014 05:04 PM | Rayvolution in Site Updates

Continuing work on the play mode, I've laid out some groundwork for resource gathering. It's still a bit rough around the edges, a lot of it requires a complete rewrite of the entity system that's long overdue, but the core is working wonderfully. Hopefully we'll all be seeing some actual AI soon! My short term goal is to get some basic resource management working, followed by buildings. Then hopefulness I can start working on the finer details of the villagers, like leveling up, hunger, inventories, sleep, etc. :)

Every baby step brings us a little closer to alpha! yaay!

(From left to right)
Shot 1 - A debug display of the resource values of the terrain
Shot 2 - Experimenting with "exhausted" resource areas (The tree stumps)
Shot 3 and 4 - An example of the gathering priority system, color coded for the user to easily see whats next to be worked on. Entities will do their best to try to gather the first, to last thing you select.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

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Jul 14 2014 05:49 PM | Rayvolution in Site Updates

Welcome to the all-new Retro-Pixel Castles website! I've taken a short break from working on the game to put together this little community website for all of us to use. Feel free to register and poke around! This page will be your one-stop-shop to get all the bleeding edge information about RPC.

The site is designed to be a fun, entertaining place to chat not only about Retro-Pixel Castles, but also about gaming and game development in general. You're more than welcome to head on over to our forums and chat about anything you like. Also, our forum is setup with many awards and incentives for being an active participant in the community that will be displayed in your profile. For example the first 100 registered accounts will get a "The First One Hundred" banner and if you're a member of JGO with over 20 posts, or a member of the SixtyGig commnunity you will also be awarded a community banner for coming over here and showing your support!

Please enjoy the website, and be sure to let me know if you have any trouble! I look forward to all of you joining and starting up a nice little community here.

Thank you for visiting and I'll see you on the forums! :)

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