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New Build, Mana Crystals and The Map!

Over the past few days I've been focusing mostly on memory usage, I've managed to cut down the memory usage of the game considerably. Retro-Pixel Castles now is running smoothly with as little as 96 megs (that's right, I said megs) of ram available. This completely eliminates the prior memory issues some of you were having! So, I'm proud to announce the latest stable release: InDev 7-17-2014!

Additionally, I've also added a new resource to the game, Mana Crystals! Right now they come in three colors; Red, Green and Blue. Eventually they will be used to create some of the more high-end items, buildings and units you'll need to defend yourselves. In the future they'll also grow and expand across the map at an extremely slow rate, meaning areas you don't visit could eventually be overrun with these crystals. ;)

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.. and finally, I've also made some progress on the first map, it's coming along pretty smoothly! I thought I'd go ahead and share that with you as well. :)

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Awesome! This game keeps getting better and better.  :D

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