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More Complicated AI, Statistics and Leveling!

A lot has been added over the past few days, mostly I've been working on the villagers themselves, developing their AI to be much more intelligent and adding leveling up and statistics. Now villagers know to look for food when they're hungry, go home and sleep when they're tired, and when there's no work to be done at their assigned building they just head home.

Nearly everything your villagers do will gain experience, including gathering material, managing the city, killing monsters, building structures and reproducing. As they gain experience and level up they automatically distribute 5 points into strength, dexterity and intelligence. As they level up and gain STR/DEX/INT it has a trickle-down effect adjusting all their other statistics, including; gathering speed, building speed, waking/running speed, attack damage, hit points, and energy decay rates for example. So higher level villagers usually live longer and are much more productive overall.

Another large part of the villager's statistics system is some future plans for villager traits in the the upcoming trait system. Villager will have a random chance of being born with up to 5 random traits, these traits can have minor to drastic effects on the villager's AI or his statistics growth. Just a few of the traits planned are:
- Strong/Quick/Intelligent: A villager with one of these traits will get a chance at additional stat points in their inclination area. For example, a villager that is "Naturally Strong" will have a 50% chance every level up to gain an additional strength point.
- Weak/Clumsy/Dumb: Same as above, but instead you have a chance of not gaining a point where you normally would have.
- Fast/Slow: A small walking speed bonus/penalty.
- Hyper: AI clock ticks faster, resulting in them bouncing around more often and not holding still. They may get more done when they're awake, but their energy levels drop faster.
- Homosexual: Doesn't reproduce, but is generally happier.
- Lazy: Doesn't want to work as often, and attempts to sleep or eat more frequently.
- Rabbit: Breeds more often.
- Scared: Runs from monsters more often.
- Fearless: Attacks monsters, regardless if they have drastically higher statistics than the villager instead of running.

Also planned, when your villagers reproduce, the offspring will gain a 20% bonus to their stats, based on their parents based stats. Meaning higher level parents will produce higher level offspring. They will also have a 25% change (per trait) to inherit one of their parent's traits. So it's in your benefit to keep your villagers alive as long as possible, if your constantly losing your villagers, you'll have a much harder time keeping everyone at high levels.

A little shot of the current WIP "statistics pane".

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- Rabbit: Breeds more often.




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This is will be clever AI :)

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