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Kickstarter, Greenlight, and A New Build!

Kickstarter offers many backer rewards, and a modest goal of $5,000. If you're interested you can head over to the Kickstarter Page!

The Backer Awards:
  • Name in the credits - There will be a credits button on the main menu, when clicked it will start a credits roll listing all of the Kickstarter backers and how much they contributed!
  • Free copy of the game - You will receive a free copy of the game, either on Steam, Desura, or any other service RPC is on.
  • Free copy of the soundtrack - A DRM-Free digital copy of the entire soundtrack to load up on your various music devices!
  • Villager named after you - Your full name will be added to the pool of random villager names. Must be an actual real/realistic first and last name, it does not have to be your real name if you don't want it to be.
  • Gifted villager named after you - Gifted villagers are special villagers with increased abilities, the same rules apply as the regular villagers reward, but instead you'll have the honor of being part of the very small pool of Gifted Villager names.
  • Award Banners - On http://retropixelcastles.com you will receive an award banner on your account matching your contribution level!
  • Random quote - On the main menu there is a cute little bouncing text below the logo that will say completely random quotes from all over the web. You will be allowed to add your own, and it'll have your name on it! (70 Character limit, including your name, and spaces.)
  • Content Contributor - You will be allowed to make your own custom map that will be included in the final game's "Kickstarter Map Pack" with full credit given to you. There are only two requirements, the map must be playable and must not contain to obscene content.
  • Map Pack creation - Submit an entire theme idea to me (Candy, Mars, Moon, etc) and I will create it, along with a collection of maps to go with it. It include it in the game retail. (Must fit in to the overall theme of the game and not a violation of copyright law.)
  • A new friend! - I will add you to my Steam friends list, and you'll be able to interact with my directly. I will occasionally bounce ideas of you, and give you links to test builds and other fun stuff to play around with. You will also have on-demand game support!

Additionally, we've launched Greenlight as well! So dangit, GO VOTE. :)
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A brand new stable build has been released, with a fancy video too!

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Awesome! Can't wait at all!!!!


I'll be able to help out on kickstarter on the 28th of sep, It's my birthday on that day and i'll be getting 100 euros. So thats basically 128 dollars. I'll try to give you as much as i can on that day!

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