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A New Shadow System, and More Polish!

I've changed gears a bit and decided it was time to overhaul the shadow engine. The game is reaching a point I can start adding several new buildings, terrains, topography and resources, so I decided before I started in on that I should get my new shadow engine concept working since it involves hand drawing shadows for everything in the game. It just makes sense to do it before I have dozens of building and sub-building types in the game. :)

So, here it is! The new shadows. The new hard shadows really give the buildings, walls and terrain a bit more pop. It's a lot easier to see the depth ques (Very important for a true top down game!) and personally, I think it gives the game a nice clean and crisp look to it. Enjoy!

In-Game shot, featuring the walls and some of the buildings at various stages while the Lumberjacks and Farmers do their work.
Posted Image

Inside the map editor, a small mock up of some walls, rocks and trees.
Posted Image

A tiny village at the edge of the map.
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